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Updated: Sep 30, 2019

A weekend of rafting, meeting new people and having a shitload of fun in Murcherson.

23rd Feb 2019

For many of us, Bullerfest was our first time in a raft, none of the first year students really knew what they were doing there, but we went anyway just for the experience of going.

We all raced in the raftX, three boats would go head to head down the river, around three slalom gates and then through the finish line. I was in raft with Alex Gilespie as our guide, he did well, but we were piped by some random team wearing bike helmets :(

The blue skies and warm temperatures made for an awesome event, but the afterparty was even better. That night a band Id never heard of called One Waka were playing in a field. They had such a good sound and everyone was jamming to them.

We may not have won, but we sure had fun, see you again next year Bullerfest!

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