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Kayak Week One

Updated: May 6, 2019

Kayak day 1

TPP activity 25/02/19

Day one consisted of an introduction to white water kayaks, this started off with a trip to the Hokitika pool from 10 till 12 and ended with us going to lake Mahinapua.

In the pool we learned/touched up on our rolls, T-rescues and how to rescue each other

Once we got to lake Mahinapua we learned the basic strokes: sweep-stroke, power stroke, and backstroke. we started using our edges to carve in a circle while only paddling on one side and got comfortable in out boats.

Kayak day 2

Wednesday 27th February 27/02/2019 (TPP)

Kayak day 2 was an introduction to moving water. We started at the swimming hole on the Grey river.This is a flat water destination that has access to slow moving water. This was perfect for people in the group who had never kayaked before. After this we loaded the boats onto the trailer and drove further up the grey river. we then put the boats in and paddled down to the take out at Brunner bridge.

Weather: 100% cloud cover with heavy rain, was cold wet and bloody good fun!

kayak day 3

28/02/2019 TPP COE group 2

We started the day off at the Hokitika pool working on our roll technique. this was a Two hour session from 10am to 12pm

After this we drove to the Arahura river and did a run down there. It was a sunny day with low winds, a high of 18 this was a good step up from yesterdays paddle down the grey. this river had a few powerful rapids that were definitely a challenge to get good eddy turns in.

Kayak Day 4

The last of the our kayak week was one to remember, we started the day by driving to Lake Brunner for a session on kayak safety. It was a beautiful morning with glassy waters and not a cloud in the sky. We worked on deep water rescues, stern deck carries and how to manage ourselves in water without a paddle.

In the afternoon we did a lap down the Arnold river, this is a grade 2 river

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