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Little Big Wall

22 April 2019

Hospital flat, Wanaka

Participants: Tom, Mitch, Rory, Sampson, Ethan

Weather: Fine with light winds, 14 degrees

3 pitches, Grade 21, 19, 16

This was my first multi pitch experience and I was lucky enough to share it with the great Tom Caulton. Toms a bloody good climber, and is pretty experienced with all his systems so being the least experienced at multipich, I went with him. There was also 2 other parties consisting of Ethan & Sampson, and Rory & Mitch. Tom and I wizzed up to the top via the hardest route, Tom gave me some beta and managed to get me up the 21. We got to the top and waited for the others, after about an hour of chilling on the ledge in the sun, Mitch and Rory popped there heads around the corner. We then sat in the sun and had yarns for the rest of the afternoon before heading down just before it got dark.

Key Learnings: Jump in and out from the wall while your abseiling, otherwise you will get stuck hanging in mid air. It didn't happen to me, but Rory and Mitch got caught out hahaha.

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