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Okarito Trip

Updated: Sep 29, 2019

28-31st of May 2019

TPP trip involving all of group COE 2

Participants: Rob, Tama, Fern, Chad, Jazz, Mitch, Daymo, Jess, Abby, Aurum, Siobhan, Ben (of DOIG), Jen Riely(tutor).

Weather: Heavy rain, ominous clouds, strong winds

This trip was an ecology trip to the Okarito lagoon, on the West Coast, west of Franz Josef. This trip involved walking the 3 mile pack track, The track meanders through wind-shorn rimu, rata and silver pine forest before dropping down to Three Mile Lagoon - a sheltered estuary fringed with rimu forest.

This walk was with Zane where he could show us the different native species and share some information about the native forrest. Once we got to three mile lagoon we headed back via the beach. there were huge cliffs the whole way with waterfalls falling strait onto the beach.

Zane told us the history of the area and how the cliffs were made thousands of years ago by ancient riverbeds solidifying to create a sediment filled with all different types of rocks, from pebbles to boulders the size of a house.

After the morning trip around the coastal walk, we swapped activities with the other half of our class and went sea kayaking for the afternoon. The weather as quite poor and there were strong head winds as we made our way, looking out for any of the 76 native species who live there.

Sea kayaking in the Okarito Lagoon

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