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Stevenson Island Kayak

20th April 2019

Weather: Sunny, warm.

Participants: Tyler (Paddle Wanaka guide), A couple form England, and myself

Duration: 5 hrs

During my first holidays I did an industry visit to Paddle Wanaka. I was lucky enough to spend 4 days there with them gaining an insight into how the industry works.

During my time there I shadowed a guide called Tyler. One of our days we had a couple form England book a tour with us. We set off from the paddle Wanaka trailer in Roys Bay at about 9am. The British tourists were surprisingly fast paddlers and we made some solid ground. We made it to a small island off the end of Beacon Point where we stopped for some delicious brownie and a cup of tea, before continuing our voyage up Stevenson Arm. We made it to Stevenson Island by about 12:30 so we stopped and relaxed on the beach until Chris (the manager) came and picked us up on the boat.

I thought it was a great trip and made me realise what a cool place I live in, and what an awesome industry it is that I was getting into. I look forward to more industry visits and too see where I end up in the future, who knows, maybe ill be back here with Paddle Wanaka taking my own clients for trips on the lake?

Image courtesy of Paddle Wanaka

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