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Upper Grey Raft/kayak Trip

7-8th September 2019

Another raft trip organised by Alex Gillespie, it was a bit touch and go for this trip, with thoughts of canceling due to the lack of water, the river was running at only 38 cumecs.

We went anyway and had a bloody good time. Jason and I were going to do a day of kayaking and a day of rafting each, so we brought one kayak between us. I kayaked the first day because it was meant to be gnarlier than the second, and I'd had more experience in a kayak. With low flows, the first day turned out to be mostly grade 2 with nothing that scary. The second day was down the Gentle Annie Gorge, this was a really nice run, with many more rapids and sone nice scenic gorges. I was jealous Jason got to run all the harder rapids. We were very lucky with the weather and had warm blue days for the duration of the trip. All in all, it was good fun!

Route: Put in at the end of Palmer road, close to the Robinson river confluence. Take out after Gentle Annie Gorge

Participants: Alex Gilespie, Sophie, Ed, Brayden, Mitch barber, Reuben (from DOIG) Corina, Jason, Drew, Ruby, Abby, Sam, Jess, Fern and myself (from COE)

Weather: Beautiful sunny day, warm, light winds getting stronger on the second day.

River: Upper Grey, 38 cumecs, grade 2-3

Incidents: Ed swept under back of raft which was stuck on a rock

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