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Two Towers, Bullock Creek

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

21st September 2019

This was a lazy Saturday well spent. The day started by Corina and Jess barging into my room at 10am, waking me up and telling me there were gonna go to Bullock Creek, and that were leaving in 5 minuets.

So I got ready as fast as I could (which was actually extremely slow as aways) and we headed of to Bullock Creek. We went to the Two Towers crag, which had some really good climbs of our ability. I was first up and climbed this really cool 25 meter grade 16. It was typical Bullock Creek climbing with lots of slopers and heaps of dust and dirt on the holds. The climb winded its way up the face, crossing corners and cracks to top out with an awesome view over the valley.

One thing we learnt on this trip was to always wear a helmet at Bullock Creek, especially when your just chilling at the bottom of the climb. Bullock Creek is not a very popular climbing spot, as a result there is still heaps of loose rock which can break of and fall onto spectators and belayers. We had one close call where I bumped a rock with my foot and it went all the way to the ground, almost smashing Ruby in the head. Remember, cool kids wear lids!!

People: Ruby, Corina, Jason, Georgia, Jess

Grades: 16, 15, 16

Weather: sunny and warm in the morning, then overcast in the afternoon.

Learnings: Wear a helmet climbing at Bullock Creek

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